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Styrkeproven Ladies Edition - a ground breaking success for Women's Cycling.

Ladies Edition, a concept where female riders participate  in the Styrkeprøven Lillehammer to Oslo (The Norwegian leg of Gran Fondo World Tour ®).

This year, the concepts hosted one race team and one cyclosportive group. Together, these two groups were represented by 150 women from 8 different nationalities between the age of 17-69 years. 

The Ladies Edition Race Team consisting of 19 female riders participated in the Styrkeprøven Peugeot Grand Prix, winning the female competition of the fastest female team from Lillehammer to Oslo (192 km) to set a new time record of 4 hours 46 minutes and 49 seconds. Expecting more teams for 2018 edition where Ladies Edition and Gran Fondo World Tour ® will work together in a strategic partnership to incriease the international participation of woman in Styrkeproven Ladies Edition.

This year the weather conditions where good and the women socialized with old and new friends along the spectacular route along the Lake Mjoesa towards Oslo.

Text by. Caroline Vamnes, Ladies Edition Project Manager.

by GFWT Staff 24/06/17

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Styrkeproven Ladies Edition - a ground breaking success for Women's Cycling



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